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Payment Conditions

Based on the attendance muster approved by the representatives of the principal employer we raise our bills by 2nd of every month. Payments of our bill shall be made by the principal employer within 7 days from the receipt of our bill every month failing which we shall charge interest 2% P.M. on the total outstanding amount. In case of any dispute with regards to the payment the same may be settled as far as possible amicably or by legal process also as a last resort, but under no circumstances the payment of regular bill of our services will be with held as it meant for the salary of the security personnel. All payment should be made by Cheque / DD and the distribution of the salary of the working personnel will be made after the realization of the principal employers Cheque.

Facilities Expected From the Client at His Own Cost (During the Course of Contract)

  • Water & electricity required for the services to be provided by the client at his cost.
  • Adequate space for storing cleaning Equipment. The lock & key for the same will remain with us for security reasons.
  • Sufficient, space, shelves; storage container bins for disposal are a few of the essential equipment a must for the operations will be provided by the client.
  • An internal communication facility should be provided within premises to have a close co-ordination with client’s management staff & our staff on duty.